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Advisory Board


Sheri Wiens


Sheri is an active mother of two active teenagers.  She commutes to work in Downtown Vancouver on a regular basis and has firsthand experience of the frustrations so many others face in dealing with traffic gridlock. Sheri would like to see a balanced transportation system in the Lower Mainland and enhanced transit options in the North East sector which would serve to offer more efficient and safe travel throughout Greater Vancouver. 

"As a busy soccer Mom living in Mission with my two active teenage sons, I spend most mornings, evenings and weekends chauffeuring my boys between sports tournaments and social commitments. A great deal of this chauffeuring time is spent sitting in traffic. If
Mission had more transportation options, particularly options allowing transportation to other municipalities, they could "go green," and have the flexibility of making their own way to their many games and competitions held throughout the various municipalities.  As a working parent, I would like to ensure that decision-makers recognize the value of a sustainable and balanced transportation system." 


Ian MacPherson
Ian is a consultant living with his family in the Fraser Heights community in Surrey, where he has lived since the summer of 2004.  In that time he has become very involved in a number of community groups and activities.

"We’re fortunate to be living in a region as dynamic as the Lower Mainland, with all of its natural beauty and cultural diversity.  We also know that our Lower Mainland communities will continue to grow and change.  By talking and working together I know we can find solutions to the transportation challenges that growth, past and future, bring."

Michael McBratney

Mike has lived in Burnaby for more than 25 years and commutes to work in downtown Vancouver by bike or SkyTrain.  Mike enjoys discussing, learning and playing an active, positive role in community development.

“As a frequent user of transit and cycling, I feel it’s vitally important that we find ways to encourage more people to take public transit, car pool, and even cycle.  I also understand the importance of alleviating traffic congestion on our major roads and bridges by building new roads and bridges: It’s critical that we build transportation infrastructure that provides people with many options and alternatives and that we do so in a way that is both economically and environmentally sustainable – one cannot be exclusive of the other.”

Jordan Bateman

Jordanis a Township Councillor in Langley , and sits on the community's Economic Development Commission. A former newspaper reporter, Jordan now operates his own writing and consultancy firm.

“Let’s not lose another generation to gridlock. Transportation is the most important public policy issue facing municipal leaders today, and what we do--or worse, don’t do--will have lasting effects on our children and grandchildren. We need more of everything in this region: roads, bridges, light rail, transit, cycling lanes, HOV lanes, and walking paths.”





Barry Enge

Barry is a longtime resident of New Westminster.

  John Ashdown

John Ashdown has lived in New Westminster for over 25 years and has been very active in the New Westminster community on a number of issues.