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Get Moving BC was formed to provide a voice for the majority of Greater Vancouver residents who support improving our roads, our bridges and our transit systems. 

Get Moving BC is dedicated to holding our governments accountable for a balanced transportation system, one that improves the movement of people and goods, addresses relevant public concerns like the environment and provides options for commuters.

Get Moving BC operates through the generosity of a wide range of individuals and organisations, all of whom support a balanced transportation system for the Lower Mainland and BC. 

You can help support Get Moving BC’s efforts by making a donation, by signing our online petition and by sending a letter or email in support of a balanced transportation system to your elected officials.



Get Moving BC’s Advisory Board



SkyTrain Moving FastGet Moving BC supports…


  Twinning the Port Mann Bridge

Get Moving BC supports the twinning of the Port Mann Bridge and the addition of Light Rapid Transit that extends to Abbotsford, with connecting buses and park & ride facilities.  When the Port Mann Bridge was opened in 1964 there were only 200,000 people living south of the Fraser River.  Today, there are more than 1 million people living south of the Fraser.  It’s time to address the transportation needs of everyone in the Lower Mainland.


  Safety Improvements for Highway #1

Get Moving BC supports the addition of lanes to the Trans Canada Highway from the Cassiar Connector in Vancouver to 200 th Street in Langley.  Additional lanes and improved highway “on” and “off” ramps will improve traffic flow and merging and greatly enhance safety.


  Evergreen Line LRT

Get Moving BC supports a fully-funded Evergreen Light Rapid Transit Line with expanded transit options for the rapidly growing north-east sector extending out to Port Coquitlam.  TransLink’s light rail plan for the Evergreen line has been thoroughly consulted on and is well thought out.  It's time for the Province to get this project under way.


  Extending SkyTrain in Surrey

Get Moving BC supports the extension of the Expo SkyTrain line further into Surrey, one of Canada's fastest-growing municipalities.  SkyTrain has not been extended south of the Fraser since the early '90s and the time for this is due.  


  Light Rail for 200 th  

Get Moving BC supports a call for light rail along the 200th Street Corridor in Langley, connecting with SkyTrain’s Expo and Millennium lines.  The new Golden Ears Bridge provides an excellent opportunity to make this a reality. 


  George Massey Tunnel Replacement

Get Moving BC supports the construction of a new 8-lane bridge to replace the aging and inadequate George Massey Tunnel (Dease Island Tunnel).  As with the Port Mann Bridge, the Massey Tunnel represents one of the worst traffic bottlenecks in the Lower Mainland.


  South Fraser Perimeter Roads

Get Moving BC supports the South Fraser Perimeter Roads to improve the movement of goods. The South Fraser Perimeter Road will provide an efficient transportation corridor for the movement of goods and, by reducing the volume of regional traffic and trucks on arterial and community streets, will improve the quality of life for residents and commuters south of the Fraser River.  The new 4-lane route will extend from Deltaport Way with connections to the Trans Canada Highway and the new Golden Ears Bridge.


2  North Fraser Perimeter Road

Get Moving BC supports the North Fraser Perimeter Roads to improve the movement of goods. The North Fraser Perimeter Road project will provide improved safety and an efficient, goods movement route along the corridor stretching between the Queensborough Bridge in New Westminster and the new Golden Ears Bridge in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.  Get Moving BC supports the full encapsulation of New Westminster’s Front S treet which will allow for the revitalisation of New Westminster’s derelict waterfront and its historic downtown.


  The Golden Ears Bridge

Get Moving BC supports the construction of the Golden Ears Bridge.  This new 6-lane bridge will connect Langley and Surrey on the south side of the Fraser River with Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows on the north side and it represents a vital new link in the Lower Mainland’s transportation system. The Golden Ears Bridge will also provide improved transit options across the river, reduce travel times and traffic congestion and speed the movement of goods and services.  The new bridge is slated for completion in 2009.


  The new Pitt River Bridge  

Get Moving BC supports the construction of the new Pitt River Bridge.  This new bridge will provide 3 lanes for westbound traffic and 4 lanes for eastbound traffic and will have grade-separated on and off ramps that allow traffic to flow freely. The new bridge’s foundations are also being designed to support future light rail transit.  The new bridge is slated for completion in late 2009.


  The Pattullo Bridge

Get Moving BC supports the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge, one of the deadliest and most accident-prone bridges in the Lower Mainland.   The Pattullo bridge was opened in 1937 and it fails to meet the present-day standards for a four lane roadway.


  and much, much more…