The Issues







The Issues

Traffic Congestion: A Major Problem

82% of the GVRD’s residents say that traffic congestion is a major problem in the Lower Mainland.  Not only does traffic congestion lead to increased commuting times and reduced time spent with our families, it also costs us an estimated $1.5 billion every year in added costs and lost productivity.  


These congestion-related costs are reflected in the price we pay for our food, in price of the items we purchase and in the high cost of our housing.   Clearly, if we don’t do something to get a handle on our traffic congestion issues in the Lower Mainland the problems associated with that congestion will become increasingly unmanageable and lead to ongoing negative impacts for every person in B.C.  




An Outdated Transportation System

The Lower Mainland’s bridge and highway network has not seen any significant improvements in more than 25 years.  Our bridges and highways are being used way beyond their designed capacities and have not kept up with the Lower Mainland’s greatly increased population.  We need to modernize and expand our transportation infrastructure in order to meet the needs of our growing population and to be able to support a healthy economy.




Our Geographic Advantage

The success of the Lower Mainland’s economy is largely based on our geographic advantage as Canada’s gateway to Asia and the Pacific.  Our economy, and the jobs it creates, relies on international trade and commerce.  And more than ever, we require a transportation system that can efficiently support that trade.  


If we do not invest in our transportation infrastructure, and capitalize on our geographic advantages, the international trade we rely on will invariably head to other ports of call where investments are being made.  Many jobs and opportunities would be lost in the process.




Expanded Transit Options For Commuters

Get Moving BC believes that the best solution to our current transportation system crisis is a balanced one.   We believe in a system that improves the movement of people and goods and provides options for commuters.


Expanding commuter transit options and making transit convenient is as critical to our region’s success as the efficient movement of goods.  Get Moving BC supports a number of improved rapid transit options such as the Evergreen Line, the extension of SkyTrain’s Expo line further into Surrey, the addition of light rapid transit on the expanded Port Mann Bridge and the establishment of a light rail line along the 200 th Street corridor in Langley and across the new Golden Ears Bridge.