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Learn More – About the Canada Line


The Canada Line is a partnership between TransLink, the provincial government, the federal government, the City of Vancouver, and the Vancouver Airport. As many as 38.1 million people will ride it the year it opens. This $1.9 billion improvement is a vital link to provide traffic relief, transportation alternatives, and a world-class entrance to visitors. By allowing millions of riders to take advantage of a convenient transportation option, the existing road network will be opened for goods movement. Learn More.


Partners: Federal Government, Province of BC, TransLink, City of Vancouver, Vancouver International Airport

Completion Date: November 2009
Current Status (updated May 2007): Under construction

Canada Line (RAV

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Learn More – About the Evergreen Line

The Evergreen Line is a TransLink and provincial government initiative. This link in the transportation system is long overdue and will provide a necessary connection between the Tri-Cities and the Millennium line. The Light Rail transit service will provide a convenient and reliable form of transit to an area that is underserved, and add 12 new stations. Learn More

Partners: Province of BC, Translink

Completion Date: September 2011

Current Status (updated May 2007): Design phase

Evergreen Line

 Picture from the Evergreen Line website

Learn More – About the Port Mann Bridge


The Port Mann Bridge and Highway 1 expansion is a provincial government initiative with some funding coming from the federal government. The project is part of the province's Gateway Program and will increase the road capacity from Vancouver to Langley, allowing more effective movement of goods and cars. For the first time in a generation, public transit service will be able to move across the Port Mann Bridge to connect Coquitlam and Surrey. Learn More

Partners: Province of BC, Federal Government

Completion Date: 2014
Current Status (May 2007): Pre-Design


Rendering of the Port Mann Bridge Twinning

Picture from the Gateway Program (

Learn More – About the South Perimeter Road

The goal of this provincial government Gateway Project is to improve the goods movement from the ports on the south side of the Fraser River (Deltaport and Fraser Port) to the Golden Ears Bridge, Highway 1, and the US/Canada border. The sea port system is a vital component in our local, provincial and federal economy. We must move goods an efficient manner; if we don't, our competitors in Seattle, San Francisco, Long Beach and even Mexico will take away business and jobs. Learn More

Partners: Province of BC, Federal Government

Completion Date: TBA
Current Status (May 2007): Environmental assessment

South Perimeter Road

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Learn More – About the Golden Ears Bridge


The new link will connect Maple Ridge to Langley, improving transportation and transit alternatives for some of the fastest growing communities in our region--Langley, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Surrey. This connection will lessen congestion on the Mary Hill Bypass and allow transit connections, including giving south Fraser residents access to the West Coast Express.

Partners: TransLink, through a public-private partnership

Completion Date: Summer 2009
Current Status (May 2007): Under construction


Rendering of the Golden Ears Bridge
Golden Ears Bridge - Photo Rendering 03/06
Picture from TransLink (

Learn More – About the Pitt River Bridge


The Pitt River Bridge will replace two outdated swing bridges that constantly break down and cause traffic gridlock. The new bridge will provide the necessary links for Tri-Cities residents to access the Golden Ears Bridge and allow goods movement to flow from the CP intermodal yard along with other industrial parks in the region. The project is a provincial government Gateway Program initiative.


Partners: Province of BC

Completion Date: 2009
Current Status (May 2007): Under construction


Rendering of the New Pitt River Bridge Crossing

Picture from the Gateway Program (


Learn More – New Buses and Shuttles


These new TransLink buses and community shuttles will provide greater flexibility and additional services. TransLink's 2008 plan proposes the largest bus fleet expansion in 31 years--90 new buses, 109 replacement buses, and 55 Community Shuttles. Also included is a new B-Line route on Hastings Street to Simon Fraser University, more service on busy routes, significant improvements to bus service in communities South of the Fraser, the purchase of a third SeaBus, and 30 new HandyDART vehicles.


Partners: TransLink

Completion Date: 2008
Current status (May 2007): Public consultation phase


Vancouver Trolley Bus

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Learn More – Improved Cycling Corridors


Through the cooperation of the provincial government, TransLink, and local municipalities, more than $70 million will be spent on improving mobility and access for cyclists. This is the largest improvement for cyclists in the history of our province.


Partners: Province of BC, TransLink and local municipalities

Completion Date: Ongoing
Current Status (May 2007): Grants being awarded


Learn More – Traffic Demand Management

Traffic Demand Management helps alleviate congestion on existing traffic corridors through signal flow, prioritization, tolling and other non-construction solutions to increase traffic flow. These improvements are occurring across the Lower Mainland as various transportation jurisdictions work together.