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June 2, 2008




Burnaby Mayor is obviously fearful that his anti-Gateway position will hurt him at polls in November


Vancouver, B.C. – Get Moving BC is today questioning the motive behind Burnaby Council’s expensive four-page, full colour anti-Gateway advertising insert which appeared over the weekend in the Burnaby NewsLeader and Burnaby Now newspapers.  Burnaby Council’s ad promotes the notion that the Port Mann Bridge does not need to be twinned and that cars should simply be restricted to a single, tolled traffic lane with the rest of the bridge converted to bus lanes.


Michael McBratney, a Burnaby resident and a Get Moving BC spokesperson, says he’s appalled that Mayor Corrigan is using Burnaby taxpayer dollars to try to convince Burnaby residents to oppose the twinning of the Port Mann Bridge.


“It’s a civic election year and Mayor Corrigan is obviously worried that he’s taken the wrong position on the Gateway project and fears it will hurt him at the polls in November,” McBratney said. “I’m appalled that Corrigan is spending Burnaby taxpayer dollars to try to change the minds of Burnaby residents.”  He’s clearly worried about the NRG Research Group poll which shows that 72 percent of Burnaby residents support twinning the Port Mann Bridge and widening Highway 1.”


McBratney says the majority of Burnaby citizens clearly support twinning the Port Mann Bridge and widening Highway 1 and he feels Mayor Corrigan should be reflecting the viewpoint of these citizens not looking out for his own political interests.


“There’s no question that the citizens of Burnaby support the Gateway project,” McBratney says. “Mayor Corrigan should be acting on behalf of the people of Burnaby – the majority of whom support the Gateway project – not looking out for his own political interests by trying to scare people into agreeing with him.”


McBratney says twinning the Port Mann Bridge and improving Highway 1 represents “a 50-year investment in infrastructure” that will dramatically improve the region’s transportation system and do so in a balanced way, “not the punitive way Mayor Corrigan is suggesting.”  McBratney adds that, “if something isn’t done to expand capacity along the Port Mann/Highway 1 corridor, traffic congestion will continue to cause traffic overflow to spill onto Burnaby streets – and that’s a negative for Burnaby.” 


McBratney points out that improving Highway 1 and twinning the Port Mann Bridge will lead to less traffic chaos and rat-running on Burnaby’s streets, with an improved flow of goods, services and people.  He says the new Rapid Bus lanes extending from Langley to Burnaby will also provide a fast, reliable 20 minute commuter journey along the important Port Mann/Highway 1 transportation corridor “without unfairly penalizing people who need to take their car.”


McBratney is also wondering how Mayor Corrigan can honestly oppose the improvement of Highway 1 and the expansion of the Port Mann Bridge from five lanes to eight lanes when Burnaby recently widened Marine Way to eight lanes through Burnaby’s rural Big Bend area.


“If Mayor Corrigan is so opposed to sprawl and car-dependent development in the Lower Mainland, then why did he support the massive, car-dependent ‘big box store’ development in Burnaby’s rural Big Bend area,” McBratney asks?  “A lot of Burnaby residents were opposed to the Big Bend development, but Mayor Corrigan supported it anyways.”


McBratney notes that Marine Way through the Big Bend ‘big box store’ area now has six traffic lanes, plus two turning lanes, for a total of eight full lanes of traffic.


“Why are eight lanes along Marine Way in Burnaby okay with Mayor Corrigan but eight lanes along Highway 1 and the Port Mann Bridge aren’t okay,” McBratney asks?  “There’s something very hypocritical in this.”  


Last September, NRG Research Group conducted a poll of 300 randomly selected Burnaby residents which showed that 72% of Burnaby residents support the expansion of Highway 1 and the twinning the Port Mann Bridge.  The poll, commissioned by Get Moving BC, also showed that 67% of Burnaby’s residents agree that “improving Highway 1 and the Port Mann Bridge will improve the quality of life for people in the Lower Mainland.”


The NRG Research Group poll was conducted during the week of September 10th  to 14th 2007.  Three hundred randomly selected Burnaby residents were interviewed for the poll.  A random sample survey of 300 respondents is representative of the underlying population from which it is drawn within +/- 5.7 percent 19 times out of 20.



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Get Moving BC is dedicated to holding governments accountable for a balanced transportation system and was formed to provide a voice for the majority of Greater Vancouver residents who support improving our roads, bridges and transit systems. 


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