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Get Moving BC Press Release

Get Moving BC

For Immediate Release

September 9, 2008





Vancouver, B.C. - Get Moving BC will be releasing a revealing new study comparing bridges crossing the Fraser River to the bridge infrastructure crossing rivers in four major western Canadian cities next Monday morning, September 15th.


Advance copies of Get Moving BC's new study, entitled "Bridging the Infrastructure Gap," are available upon request to members of the media on an embargoed basis.


Get Moving BC's new study includes an Executive Summary and numerous graphs, tables and appendices that provide extensive supporting data to help bring the study and its findings into focus. Advance copies, available under embargo, will allow members of the media time to digest the material contained in the study, to confirm the study's research findings and to ask timely questions suggested by the study's findings.


For example:

1.    Now that the summer is over, and kids are back in school, many Vancouver area commuters are once again asking why traffic congestion is so bad the Lower Mainland and why, year over year, traffic congestion is getting worse.  A big part of the answer can be found in Get Moving BC's new study and the inadequate amount of bridge infrastructure crossing the Fraser River.


2.    With a burgeoning population south of the Fraser River, and with a federal election now underway, a timely question to ask is "why" successive federal governments, over several decades, have ignored the transportation and bridge infrastructure needs of the Vancouver region?  During this election, which of the federal parties are willing to make a commitment to help BC and the Lower Mainland catch up with our bridge infrastructure needs?


3.    In a large metropolitan area like Vancouver, built as it is between a river and a mountain range, how do we support the transportation needs of the millions of people who, out of necessity, have spilled across the river to settle in the Fraser Valley?  Certainly not with the inadequate number of bridges currently crossing the Fraser River as Get Moving BC's new study, "Bridging the Infrastructure Gap," demonstrates.  Other cities have kept up with their bridge infrastructure needs.  Why haven't we?


Get Moving BC's new study, "Bridging the Infrastructure Gap," follows on the heels of a previous study released by Get Moving BC last October which compared bridges crossing the Fraser River in the Vancouver area to bridges crossing the Willamette River in the Portland, Oregon area.  Last October's study of Portland and its bridges showed that, despite having a significantly smaller metropolitan population than the Vancouver area (30% less), the Portland area has significantly more bridges (60% more) and significantly more bridge lanes (75% more) than the Vancouver area has crossing the Fraser River.


To obtain an embargoed copy of Get Moving BC's new study, "Bridging the Infrastructure Gap," please call Get Moving BC at 604-678-5567.

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Get Moving BC is dedicated to holding governments accountable for a balanced transportation system and was formed to provide a voice for the majority of Greater Vancouver residents who support improving our roads, bridges and transit systems.


For more information please contact Get Moving BC at 604-678-5567 or by email at  
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