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September 27, 2007




Vancouver, B.C. – NDP leader Carole James just doesn’t get it. In her address to the UBCM Convention in Vancouver this morning, James attacked the province’s Gateway Program and put forward a transit-only solution to the Lower Mainland’s traffic congestion problems citing the environment.

Langley Township Councillor Jordan Bateman, who is also a member of Get Moving BC’s Advisory Board, disagrees with James. He points to the green elements in the Gateway project like HOV lanes, bike lanes and the re-introduction of transit as a commuter option across the Port Mann Bridge for the first time in several decades.

“Carole James is the one who doesn’t get it; she’s the one who isn’t looking to the future,” says Bateman. “The future will bring low and zero emission vehicles. The Gateway Program isn’t just about going green, it’s about quality of life, it’s about getting home sooner, having less stress, cheaper goods in our stores and getting people moving again by being able to re-introduce transit to the Port Mann.”

Bateman says transportation is the most important public policy issue facing municipal leaders today, and what we do – or worse, don’t do – will have lasting effects on our children and grandchildren.

“It’s not an either/or situation,” says Bateman. “We need more of everything in this region – roads, bridges and transit. The transit-only solution Carole James is putting forward isn’t workable. It’s not a balanced solution, and if we don’t take a balanced approach to the congestion problem we’re going to end up with Total Gridlock.”

Get Moving BC supports a balanced, comprehensive transportation system for the Lower Mainland, one that places equal emphasis on implementing new and expanded transit options at the same time as we improve and add to our network of major roads, bridges and highways.

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Get Moving BC is dedicated to holding governments accountable for a balanced transportation system and was formed to provide a voice for the majority of Greater Vancouver residents who support improving our roads, bridges and transit systems.   



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