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Enough is Enough!


The provincial government is doing something positive about traffic gridlock in the Lower Mainland, and within the next five years things can get better on Greater Vancouver’s roads and transit systems.


But the long-awaited, desperately-needed transportation system improvements being planned by the provincial government are being put at risk by ill-informed anti-progress, anti-transportation groups springing up across the Lower Mainland. 


These groups would rather leave people idling in their cars and trucks for hours and see the cost of our goods and services increase because of gridlock.  They would rather keep you stuck in traffic for hours every day than see something being done about the problem of traffic congestion!  They’re vocal, they’re holding rallies and they’re lobbying the governments.   


By adding your name to our online petition you are helping to stop these groups and showing your support for improved roads and bridges in addition to more transit.  You’re saying that it’s not a situation of “more roads and bridges” versus “more transit.”  You’re saying you want a balanced transportation system and that we need improved roads and bridges and transit all at the same time!


Act now so your voice will be heard!  Act now by signing our petition.  



Reducing gridlock and congestion means


·          Shorter commuting times      

·          More time spent with your family

·          Reduced pollution

·          Lower costs for food and other goods delivered by truck 

·          Less stress & a better quality of life for everyone



Get Moving BC is dedicated to holding governments accountable for a balanced transportation system, one that improves the movement of people and goods, addresses relevant public concerns like the environment and provides options for commuters.


Get Moving BC was formed to give a voice to the majority of Greater Vancouver residents who support improving our roads, our bridges and our transit systems.