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Greater Vancouver needs new roads and bridges to alleviate bottlenecks as well as transit and transportation infrastructure that will use them effectively. 

Get Moving BC believes TransLink, local municipalities, the GVRD, and the Gateway Project are all working towards alleviating congestion for areas under their control in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

Several outspoken organizations feel otherwise, and oppose current transportation initiatives. We want to be a positive voice in the discussion. Our purpose is to review, discuss and promote better ways of moving people and goods around the Lower Mainland.


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Citizens Want Traffic Solutions Now!

82% of GVRD residents say traffic is a major problem. If we don’t get a handle on congestion, we will create unmanageable conditions that will affect the lives of everyone in BC through higher costs for housing, increased cost for food and goods, the loss of jobs, and less time with families.

Our Transportation System is Outdated.

Our bridges and highways in the Lower Mainland are used well beyond their designed capacities. Our road network has had no significant improvements in more than 25 years. We need to expand our transportation infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing population and economy.

Our Economy Depends on Efficient Transportation Systems.

Greater Vancouver's success is based on international commerce and, more than ever, on an efficient transportation system. The Greater Vancouver region is Canada’s gateway to the Pacific and unless we work together to capitalize on our geographic advantages, goods movement will go south. That means fewer jobs and a sluggish economy. 

The Best Solution Will Balance Social, Environmental and Economic Concerns.

In addition to transport capacity improvements, the expansion of convenient commuter transit options is critical, as is the integration of pedestrian and cyclist safety measures, and advancements related to the movement of goods. The best solution to our transportation system crisis is a balanced one – and requires a respect for the importance the public, developers, the business community, and community advocacy groups play in the discussion and decisions taken by transportation authorities.


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