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Get Moving BCs Board is composed of citizens from across the Lower Mainland eager to

Greg Moore
    Port Coquitlam

Ian Macpherson

Mike Mcbratney

Sheri Wiens

Paul Tubbe

Lillian Klassen

Joe Bernardo
    New Westminster

Barry Enge
    New Westminster

Gord Adair
    North Vancouver

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SkyTrain Moving FastAbout Us

We all know there is a serious transportation problem in Greater Vancouver.

Our bridges and highways are being used well beyond their designed capacities. Public transit is limited or completely unavailable in many areas. Vehicles sit idling for hours, spewing toxins into the atmosphere while waiting for bottlenecks to clear. Highway 1 is Canada's largest parking lot. Trains tie up entire communities.

BCís local and provincial transportation authorities are working on major changes and additions to the regionís transportation infrastructure. Get Moving BC was founded to enrich and elevate public discussion surrounding our current transportation crisis. There are many problems--we want to help find the solutions.

A non-profit, community organization, Get Moving BC conducts research and collects anecdotes and information to create opportunities for informed discussion on transportation issues. We contribute valuable input to the government and business bodies responsible for transportation planning and management - and hold government accountable for the delivery of a balanced transportation system that improves the movement of people and goods, addresses relevant public concerns, keeps citizens informed and involved in the issues, and delivers on its promises.

Composed of individuals, businesses and organizations from throughout the Greater Vancouver area, Get Moving BC believes the best solution to the transportation system crisis is a balanced one Ė and requires a respect for the importance all stakeholders play in the discussion and decisions taken by transportation authorities.

Together, we can get BC moving again!

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