Friday, November 23, 2007

So citizens aren't allowed to have opinions?

In the wacky world that is the anti-Gateway group, it seems no one is allowed to have an opinion that differs from them. In this week's Georgia Straight, anti-Gateway crusader Donna Passmore picks on a Langley resident, Rudy Storteboom for his support of the project, and for daring to write letters to newspapers supporting it.

Rudy is not a member or part of Get Moving BC, although the Straight seems desperate to try to lump him in with us. Rudy is an outstanding citizen of Langley City (not the Township, where I serve as a councillor, I should note), who is passionate about transportation issues. He has given countless hours to sit on the City's transportation committee. He was a member for years of TransLink's public advisory board. He's been to VALTAC meetings. He attends Chamber of Commerce meetings. He is well-versed in the issues facing his community. And, yes, he is pro-Gateway--like the vast majority of the region's residents.

Shame on the Straight and Ms. Passmore (and her "non-partisan" Gateway 40 coalition that includes the NDP Agriculture Committee and the BC Green Party) for not wanting someone like Rudy to have a perfectly valid opinion.

The last word should belong to Rudy: "The problem with people like Donna Passmore is they are using their opposition to Gateway as a political vehicle to try to embarrass the B.C. Liberal government. The fact is, we really need Gateway. The folks here south of the Fraser River, their traffic has been tied up in knots for years."

Hear, hear!


At November 24, 2007 12:35 AM , PelaLusa said...

Long ago I realized that the anti-transit, anti-business, anti-progress, anti-capitalism crowd quickly dismissed anyone who disagreed with them. After all, in their minds, they "know better" than anyone else and so how dare you utter an opinion that is different from theirs.

In truth, such folks have no real answers, but only empty slogans, focused on their narrow views of the world.


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