Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fare cheats

Kevin Falcon's announcement that gates will be put in every SkyTrain station to curb fare cheats and help keep criminal activity out has sparked a lot of debate in the transportation blogosphere. Personally, I think the gates are long overdue, as I suspect there are many, many, many people who use transit without paying. This, in turn, leads TransLink to raise fares for the legal riders and hike property taxes for everyone else.

Over at PelaLusa, we read of one example of fare cheating:
My mom told me about taking the B-Line (a long accordion bus) from downtown. When it reached the middle of the Granville Bridge it deliberately stopped. A fare inspector walked through the bus, fining anyone who was cheating on their fare. He told my mom that there were 40 such people on that bus. That would be a minimum of 25% of the people.


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