Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another one rides the bus

It seems we have a long way to go before transit becomes a truly attractive commuter option. About a month ago, I came across the following letter-to-the-Editor in the Westender * (October 11th).

The bus makes me puke

I’ve been a daily commuter on the SkyTrain and buses for quite awhile. It has just been literally making me sick — these people who are let on the bus are nothing but lowlifes. I was once puked on by some jerkoff who didn’t have the sense to turn away from the nearest person. Just last week, some drunken lowlife lady decided to projectile vomit on everything. What’s wrong with all these degenerate, unemployed wasters? Do they feel that the bus is their own vomitorium? Another thing that has angered me in a nauseating way is those types who haven’t showered or worn clean clothes in so long that the smell comes off them in layers. Do these lowlifes know they smell like the Hastings alley they woke up in, or do they just feel they have to make the rest of us smell their misery?

I was gonna start lobbying for a two-tier transit system; one that has buses for people who have a two-digit IQ and have a yearly income under 35k. (Whoa... easy there! —Ed.)... So, I decided to screw going green: I bought a car. All those lazy lowlifes who feel it’s okay to stink up the bus and use it as a puke bag can enjoy their loser cruiser.

Done with Transit

Wow! Waiting in the rain for a bus that never comes pales in comparison to this person’s experience. Please remind me not to sit next to him/her on the SkyTrain just in case “lightning” ever decides to strike a third, fourth or fifth time.

Unfortunately, what this letter writer describes is not a unique experience; and simply making transit available (as some suggest) obviously isn’t the sole determining factor when it comes to attracting ridership.

Carl Congestion

* The views expressed in this letter from the Westender are not necessarily those of Get Moving BC or Carl Congestion. The letter has been presented for the purpose of discussion and is indicative of frustrations and experiences of transit riders.


At November 27, 2007 2:51 PM , PelaLusa said...

With a large smile on my face let me just say that every time I take the bus is a venture into the world of the sociologically deranged that seems to be Vancouver these days. I take it all in stride though and just sit back as if I'm watching a movie. Actually, I most frequently stand while on the bus ... so as to more quickly get out of the way of that proverbial projectile vomit that seems to be bouncing around each bus like a pinball!!! :-)


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