Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Queue jumper lanes not enough

In a letter in today's Vancouver Sun, Blair King explains why queue jumper lanes on the Port Mann would not be enough:
As noted by letter writer Eric Doherty, traffic usually flows smoothly on the Port Mann Bridge deck itself; as a consequence, his assertion that building queue-jumper lanes at the westbound approach seems logical. What Doherty has failed to recognize, however, is that Highway 1 is not the only road that gets jammed. During the morning and evening rushes, the northern approach roads to the Port Mann Bridge (96th Avenue, Barnston Drive, 104th Avenue and 108 Avenue) are typically backed up with vehicles trying to get onto or over the highway. Unless Doherty can figure out how to let buses bypass the backups on the roads leading towards the bridge, queue-jumper lanes will not solve the transit-stuck-in-traffic dilemma at the Port Mann.

Blair's right. 96th Avenue, for example, is regularly backed up past 200th with people trying to bypass Highway 1 congestion.


At October 24, 2007 1:26 PM , Anonymous said...

152nd Street too


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