Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get on with it!

The Langley Times reprints an excellent editorial from the Tri-City News:
This is what commuters know:

They know that they pay gas taxes for road and bus improvements they don’t see.

They know they have to get up half an hour earlier to get to work than they did 15 years ago.

They know the freeway was built when the dinosaurs roamed and was inadequate in the 1970s.

They know their car is at the mercy of thousands of trucks packing China-made goods to local stores and beyond.

They know buses are full to bursting during rush hour but disappear like roaches exposed to daylight on weekends and after hours.

What commuters want to know is this:

Why after years of talk, is there no action on any number of badly-needed infrastructure projects.

These include the clogged Port Mann Bridge and the dangerous Pattullo Bridge.

They also include rapid transit to the Tri-Cities. Ditto.

And, finally, this is what commuters know: To quote the punk band DOA, "Talk minus action equals zero."

Hear, hear!


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