Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NDP split on Gateway

We've known for a while that the BC NDP's agriculture committee opposes the Gateway Project, and now their provincial council has chimed in with a ridiculous resolution, as covered by Public Eye Online.

Clearly, that group has no idea what is really happening south of the Fraser. Even Mike Harcourt has endorsed twinning the Port Mann, and both he and Glen Clark had it in their governments' long term plans. But don't worry, the provincial council has figured out how to serve the rapidly growing population of Surrey, Delta, Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack without more roads: "Very significant improvements to bus service south of the Fraser River." No light rail, no SkyTrain extensions, no rapid transit--for an area that will soon house more than a million people.

Make no mistake about it: the NDP keep proving they aren't ready to govern and certainly can't be trusted to manage an economy. They can't even manage themselves! I enjoyed this email leaked on Sean Holman's site that begs NDP MLAs to not debate Gateway at these meetings: "We will not be speaking to the motions on Gateway. The last thing we need right now is a debate on the floor of provincial council between MLA's. Everyone on both sides please respect this," wrote their caucus whip. Heaven forbid common sense be allowed to win out at an NDP meeting!

Holman also had this howler from the NDP's self-professed "cold-blooded" transportation critic: "We've already been quite clear that there are a number of things within the Gateway plan that we do support and some things we don't support." Of course, no one has any idea what that is.

The people of BC have spoken again and again and again and again--we want both bridge expansion and transit options. Every part of the south Fraser and northeast sector are underserved, and Get Moving BC will continue to support elected officials who are willing tot tackle these issues in well-planned, balanced ways. And right now, that clearly isn't the BC NDP, if their provincial council is to be believed.


At September 18, 2007 9:43 PM , PelaLusa said...

Wow, I just read Sean Holman's leak of Katrine Conroy's e-mail. It seems like the Elite NDP's position on many things these days is more akin to the position of the BC Green Party. That's fine except for one little thing: The idealistic Greens can't get themselves elected anywhere in BC, nor will they ever.

The NDP is supposed to actually represent the people who elect them, not a tiny minority of Chai Tea drinking academics and environmental lobbyists. When they finally wake up to this reality then maybe they'll have a chance to win ... you know, an election.

Robert W.
Currently in Chicago

At October 4, 2007 1:24 AM , Anonymous said...

The people of BC have spoken again and again and again and it is, and always has been clear, that we don't want to become another Los Angeles.
Toronto built up their freeway system recently and now they have 10 lanes of congestion instead of 4. You cannot build your way out of congestion... more cars equals more pollution and report after report supports the concept of less roads and more transit for our health and our childrens future.


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